Personal Financial Management

BofI Federal Bank

As a customer, I want to add my external financial accounts, so that I can better manage my finances.

User Research

To understand the problems of financial management I started to research value propositions of companies that focused on account aggregation. Mint, Nerd Wallet, and Money Lion all took different approaches to stating their value proposition, but the primary premise was financial freedom.

The most rewarding form of research is done by contextual observation, getting in there and trying it for yourself. I had already been signed up for Mint, so I tried different applications like Nerd Wallet, Money Lion, Mvelopes, and Thriv. Additionally, I collaborated with marketing and other UX team members.

Usability Test

Lastly, five customers were brought in for a usability test. Through visual recognition of bank logos, users were able to pinpoint that they could add external accounts. Additionally, they found the process simple, easy to use, and they were able to idenifty that the original tile had changed to reflect their external accounts.

Four out of the five customers did have an issue with the original label of the tile (External Distribution). As a result, the label was changed to Other Accounts.

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