As a customer, I want real-time financial insights, so that I can better moniter my finances.


To understand the problems of financial monitering I started to research banks like Wells Fargo which focused on account monitering. Wells Fargo utilized Personetics to provide their customers with deeper insights into their spending habits. However, their means of providing this information was through snippets of notifications. Additionally, for being a Wells Fargo customer for decades, I had no idea that this feature existed in their application.

In our focus groups, we invited our customers to express how we could improve our product and customer experience. Several customers mentioned that they wanted tool to empower their financial decision, empower them towards financial freedom, and offer them personalized products. In order to achieve this, I wanted the financial insights (powered by Personetics) to live in the dashboard. However, I wasn't sure if we wanted it would serve best as a notification or a tile. Through several iterations, the product owner and manager agreed that it made sense that personetics would be a tile.

We wanted to take a marketing approach. The scope was to create insights from the dashboard and lead the user to an inbox. This allowed users to come back to insights and the bank to provide better personalized options for users. Whether it be setting up their notificaitons, or special offers on loans.

Issues with the API

We also had concerns with the API not functioning. For example, what if the server was down? We didn't want to show an error message on the tile, and so we thought it would be a great idea to include everyday insights.